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Steve 5 miles into the Super Half Marathon

Somewhere around 5 miles into the run, Scott was parked with a camera and caught me running. I had a belt packed with water and gels, but I didn't plan my fueling out very well. Next time.

Running a Half-Marathon
If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen this, but I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment so I'm going to share it here too.
I've been running a long time, I used to have to do it while I was active duty, but I hated it then. Then I started to run for my own reasons, and it was much better, but still a challenge. Stubborn as I can be, I kept at it, off an on for years, learning how to run in a way that won't make me hurt the day after every run. Along the way, I realized I actually started to really enjoy running, so I kept going. 
In 2013 I ran my first race, it was the Colorado Warrior Dash, a muddy trip around a mountain trail filled with obstacles... an adult playground. It was a blast! So we did a Color Run, and the idea was to find fun reasons to get out and go, and maybe drag some others along.
Then I started running just for myself, and that's when I started signing up for events. I've done a few 5Ks now, run for kicks, for personal bests, and for fundraising. I didn't really have a goal timeline figured out, just a vague idea that I was going to push into 10Ks, then do a half marathon, and eventually go the distance in a marathon.
Until I realized I had gotten really comfortable running 5Ks, that was my sweet spot, I'd even run 10K distances while training. But the problem was that while I was getting faster, I wasn't really pushing myself. The comfort zone is where I was stalling out, I needed to push again.
Since I'd already run 10K, I didn't think a 10K Race would be enough of a bump... on the other hand 26.2 miles is a scary distance if you've never done it. So, I figured the smart choice to challenge myself and hit a real goal was a half-marathon... after that I just had to sign up (accountability) and start training. 
I'm not going to say it was easy, there were times where I had to take unplanned breaks to recover. Times where the weather was too much even for me, but I kept at it.
Then on 12 February '23 I ran the Super Half Marathon in Colorado Springs. This is my favorite part, because I had a secret goal, only me and RunKeeper knew the pace I was shooting for, and I was right on it the whole time!
Goal accomplished! 
Now I'm learning some more self-care after that run, and I'm getting back on the road and trails for more runs... still haven't decided whether to do another half, a full marathon, or even a 10K (finally)... but I do know I'm going to keep going.


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