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“What we get when the warmth and humor of Steve Carell meets the depth and range of Christoph Waltz.”

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  I'm very happy to report that the strike has finally come to an end! At least it was suspended on 9 November '23, after 118 days, with a tentative agreement that addresses our concerns and our needs. 
  So that's fantastic, and the timing couldn't be better... I'm getting new headshots taken next week, and I'm dying to get back to self-taping and auditioning... I got to do a few under the Interim Agreement during the strike and that was so good, to be able to keep rolling tape for the work. 
  In the meantime, YouTube is still a fun project. Since I signed my Micro-Budget Project agreement with SAG-AFTRA I've put out 8 episodes (as of this writing). 
  This has been a fun project because as I keep producing more, I keep learning more about the whole process, from writing, filming, recording audio, syncing, and editing all the way up to the release. The biggest challenge is making it look professional while being completely produced by a  one-person-amateur
  Now I'm going to set aside my excitement for the strikes end, and finish up episode 8 so I can drop it tonight, on time, like a pro would.

Be seeing you,


The Strike is Over!

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