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The Scott & Steve improv duo, Scott is on the left in a blue shirt, Steve on right in green. They are standing in front of a black stage backdrop.
  But not against each other, that's bad form for an improv duo. And while it is improv, and sometimes things don't go how we'd like, we do our best to support each other on stage. That's how it works.
  No, we were competing against other teams at the Peak Improv Theater in the Double Header showdown. Four teams of 2 improvisers competed for bragging rights and their own show at the theater. Two rounds and a final, we moved on to finals after the first night's performance and returned two weeks later for the finals. 
  Did we win?
  Not the big prize, but we did get to go up and do our thing for about 15 minutes for two nights and that was kind of a win in its own right.
  Then I just feel like this is so cool! It's adding a new layer to the improv I've been doing with Improv Colorado for the last ten years. I'm evolving as a player and I'm having a blast!

Coming up next:  I'll be playing at the Peak Improv Theater in the Breakneck Sketch show on Saturday, 27 Jan '24 starting at 7pm.

Be seein' ya,

Scott & Steve Compete on Stage...

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